Order and pay at the table

Give your gueast peace of mind with order
& pay at the table from their own divice.

Order & pay at the table


Deligth your guests and improve table turn times with order and
pay at the table in your restaurant.

Easy to order...
Easy to order, easy to pay

Guests can browser the menu, place their order,
and pay for their meal from their own
device on their own terms.

Easy to order...
Improve tale turn times

With everything at their fingertips, guests don't
have to wait for menus and checks.

Phone Menu
Easy to order...
Reduce the back and forth

Guests can order and pay as soon as they are ready.
No waiting for a server and no handling of credit card
and pens needed.

Easy to order...
AB GO Additional Features

Create customer profiles: favorites and
reorder options.